Carts before horses

I haven’t written in a while because there hasn’t been much new to report. Work has been crazy busy and my personal life really didn’t change that much. A few friend hangouts here and there, but nothing really significant. …at least until the last few weeks. A while back, I went to a meetup-thing in […]


Last night, I played video games all day…which used to be my idea of a great weekend, right? And I even told myself going in that I needed a chill weekend without that much to do after all of the stuff that I got into last weekend. So I was looking forward to it. And […]


You know, I keep hoping for a weekend where I can just…relax and not have to do much, a time when I can recharge my batteries and come into work the next day rested and ready. …Maybe one day I’ll know what that’s like. This past holiday weekend started with me being a little frustrated […]

I’m ready (or am I?)

This is probably gonna sound pretty similar to a previous post that I wrote, so forgive me if it feels repetitive, but I’m in a bit of the same place that I was before when I wrote that. Except, instead of feeling expressly like I won’t ever get a turn (which I do still feel like), […]

It’s good to be back…?

Yesterday was my first time back at the gym after a week away and…well…it didn’t go as well as I had hoped. Which is not to say that it went bad, necessarily. But I had built up a bit of a good rhythm (thanks in large part to my very-helpful-but-way-too-expensive trainer) and generally felt pretty […]

It’s been a while

Sorry I haven’t been here in awhile – things have been busy! Since we last talked, I had a really hectic week of appointments, gym time, work…and then to make things even more fun, the travel that I thought I had at the end of the week got massively upset with a last minute change that I […]