Hey. It’s me.

So…hi. I’m starting this blog because I was inspired by a friend of mine who’s doing something similar – using the semi-anonymous nature of the internet to get thoughts out of my head into a place that I can use to later reflect on them, while also letting other see them as well. Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t – either way, if you’re reading this and you continue to read this, I appreciate it.

I don’t plan on getting into too many personal specifics here – the anonymity lets me be more honest – but some demographics might help for background. I’m a 33-year-old gay man living who just recently moved to NYC after 11 years in the DC area. I’ve had 2 serious relationships in my life (both of which I’m sure we will talk about ad nauseum) and I’m a huge nerd, as I’m sure this blog’s title probably suggests.

My hope is that most of what I write isn’t too boring or depressing. Part of the reason why this is a thing for me now is because I get depressed or lonely and I have a hard time admitting to myself that that’s okay. More than that, I felt like I needed an outlet to express some of these things just so that the echo chamber of my brain doesn’t make things worse.

I guess another side effect of this blog is that it scratches that logical part of my brain for me. Dealing with mental health when you almost always think logically is really…not easy. There really isn’t a good measurable method for showing progress in mental health, so I guess I’m hoping that being able to re-read these entries some day might help me see the process at work.

Either way, I’ll try not to make this consistently heavy and sad, but it is kind of the point after all. So some of this might not be very entertaining, but hey – it’s more for me than it is for you, so if you get bored, go watch Netflix or something.


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