It’s been a while

Sorry I haven’t been here in awhile – things have been busy! Since we last talked, I had a really hectic week of appointments, gym time, work…and then to make things even more fun, the travel that I thought I had at the end of the week got massively upset with a last minute change that I […]

Yo-yo, round 2

Had another yo-yo day today – my weekend was probably one of the best I’ve had in a long time and yet I found myself feeling mopey and down today. Had an interesting speaker at work (more about him in a minute) on Friday that led to some pretty cool “getting to know you” types of […]

The Man in The Mirror

I figured after the last post I put up, I’d impose a bit of a break on myself for the blog. I always get a little embarrassed when I bare my soul like that, so I thought a little time away might help me feel more in the mood to write more. But I think […]

My turn

There’s a refrain that sounds in my head some nights. Different things trigger it. Sometimes it comes after I see happy couples on Facebook; sometimes it’s when I spend too much time on something like Tinder or Okcupid and don’t feel like I’ve made any progress. The refrain that I hear is “when is it […]

Like a yo-yo

It’s so amazing to me sometimes how quickly my moods can shift. Usually the shift is from good to bad, but I suppose it does go the other way sometimes. I can be having a great day, feeling so awesome and seeing all sunshine and rainbows…and all it takes is one person saying something or […]

Like the corners of my mind

Here’s a question that I’ve posed to a few friends every now and then: do you ever find yourself purposefully submerging yourself into your memories? I don’t mean just remembering something, I mean intentionally clearing your head and making yourself travel back in your head to a time or a place, recalling every detail that […]