Like the corners of my mind

Here’s a question that I’ve posed to a few friends every now and then: do you ever find yourself purposefully submerging yourself into your memories? I don’t mean just remembering something, I mean intentionally clearing your head and making yourself travel back in your head to a time or a place, recalling every detail that […]

What a weekend…

Man, it’s been a busy one, kids. I started the weekend off by going on this retreat for a non-profit that I work with and I was already a little anxious about it. The personalities involved with this group can be a bit…challenging at times. And it was challenging a lot of the time. But […]

Sleep tight

Nighttime is one of the worst times for me. My building is (unusually?) quiet after about 8pm, so if I turn off my TV and just sit, there’s only light noise from traffic outside. Once I close the blinds, it feels almost…oppressive. I’m not usually a very claustrophobic person, but my apartment can feel a […]

Roll for perception check

I think it probably makes sense to explain a bit about why I called this blog what I did. It occurs to me that the phrase “perception check” probably isn’t a very commonly used phrase. Basically, in tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons (cue the eye-rolling), situations that players encounter require a check of their […]

Hey. It’s me.

So…hi. I’m starting this blog because I was inspired by a friend of mine who’s doing something similar – using the semi-anonymous nature of the internet to get thoughts out of my head into a place that I can use to later reflect on them, while also letting other see them as well. Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t – either way, if you’re reading this and you continue to read this, I appreciate it.